“I aspire to interpret the inconceivableness of the universe, in which chaos wondrously coexists with the magnetism of an orderly rhythm. The components of my vision are combinations of mythical fantasies, uniting its distorted elements. These are my temptations to contemplate the mysteries and the unique symbols of our world. The mythological sphinxlike mysterious figures in my paintings emerge in motion that everyone interprets in their own way. My work isn’t marshaled to elicit gothic horror or disgust, often posed by so-called surrealistic stress, but it is rater organized by an idyll, a unity of rhythm and motion. It is my everlasting search for true understanding of the unfathomable. That is why the favorite mythological symbols in my work – the apple tree of paradise, a wondrous bird, the eternal gardener – exist in perpetual levels of metamorphosis.”

Recent Projects